Congratulations on passing the store approval and interview process to work in a luxury boutique. Now, not only do you officially represent a prestigious and sought after brand, but now you have the opportunity to shine within an industry that constantly seeks the best. But how do you shine the brightest when you’re already in a pool of diamonds? Here are 5 tips on how to stand out as a luxury sales associate.

Mastering suggestive selling to a luxury consumer

Suggestive selling is a common facet to retail staff training but its importance in the luxury environment is doubled when a high net worth individual is added to the equation. The client within a luxury store expects that their needs and tastes will be met with the highest level of consideration. In paying close attention to what they look like and the kind of products they are drawn to, you will be able to determine what to suggest to them as an additional purchase. For example, tailor the suggestion to the client – if they buy foundation, suggest a lipstick that complements their specific skin tone to represent luxury’s dedication to bespoke experiences.

Be sure to keep the suggestion relevant to the luxury client journey; the luxury consumer experience should be focused on unique or exclusive pieces. Meaningless add-ons that do not correspond with their tastes will dilute the client’s time in the boutique.

Understanding the importance of the luxury bespoke experience

The luxury buyer visits such brands in order to experience a level of customer service and style that are not present in mass-marketed products. The sales associate should additionally be sensitive as to why the client has entered their particular boutique and not another. Shopping at Chanel should have a different feel to that of shopping at Balenciaga, and the distinguished sales associate will understand this. The Balenciaga client will, for example, be more receptive to unorthodox styling suggestions or contemporary accessories.

Having passion about craftsmanship, fashion and its history

What sets luxury products apart from the high street is its rich history of craft, attention to detail and exclusivity. The sales associate, with proper training, will be able to enter conversations with the client about the origins of the brand, the current creative director, and the way a particular product has been made.

Charm and charisma

Knowing how to interact with clients is the first step towards any successful sales associate. To go the extra mile, the skill of relationship building is even more valuable. Even if the client is in the store for 20 minutes, the rapport you develop over that time could be enough to convince them to come back and make another purchase.


A huge advantage for sales associates, especially in famous cities such as London, is the ability to communicate with the melting pot of cultures that either visit or already live there. With a second language comes the opportunity to develop a warm rapport with the client.

The biggest luxury consumers in the world speak Mandarin, Arabic or Russian and being able to speak either language will be an attractive quality for any hiring manager.


If you would like to apply for a temporary position with us, please send your CV to fashion@eliteassociates.co.uk or beautytemps@eliteassociates.co.uk

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