“To provide relationship focused recruitment and development of talent for the fashion, beauty, & lifestyle industries whilst leveraging market expertise to optimise the well-being of a global portfolio of candidates and clients.”

At the heart of the Elite philosophy lies not only a commitment to supplying the highest calibre of candidates to some of the most selective and prestigious retailers in the world, but also to providing an exceptional client experience.

With offices in both London and New York, our consultants have the expertise and resources to provide salary surveys, learning and development opportunities, and integrated staffing solutions for retail, wholesale, and production.

Our core values reflect those of our clients and as a result have forged the level of excellence required in order to lead our market.

For job seekers, our consultants provide an exceptional level of candidate care that includes not only matching the right candidate to the right role, but also providing relevant career counselling, interview preparation, and a long-term vision of how a candidate’s career will progress.


Elite Associates provides recruitment solutions tailored to the cultural and business needs of not only prestigious multi-national brands, but also growing organisations whose influence and presence are expanding beyond their local headquarters. It is the proven results of a highly mobile, pro-active, and multi-lingual consultancy team that attracts the very best in candidate talent. Our team recruit for frontline sales professional roles to the most senior of Retail Managers, including Senior Appointments and Executive positions across Retail Operations and Head Office.



Since its foundation in 2013, Elite has been providing learning and development initiatives designed to build brand loyalty, client engagement and frontline productivity. From product knowledge and client experience master classes, to providing support to MBA Academic programmes, to giving back to the community in the form of vocational training and job opportunities for The Prince’s Trust, The Elite Retail Training Academy leverages over 30 years of retail, marketing, and training expertise to develop both individual and corporate talent though a high-touch learning approach.



Elite Associates has an in-depth knowledge of the luxury goods industry and prides itself on the leveraged and consultative support it can lend to its worldwide clientele. From how to develop a brand’s commercial property acquisitions or Omni Channel approach to helping independent retailers with branding issues or global marketing reach, never before has brand positioning been so important. For many small retailers, having a connected industry partner like Elite Associates to help with inception to expansion can determine the breadth and depth of their future success.