Temping with Elite Associates is incredibly rewarding. We work very closely with hundreds of support staff, many of whom are young professionals looking to fast-track their career and work in the best luxury brands in the world.

Our account managers and resourcers are always looking out for the best candidates to represent the best brands. They acknowledge the desired attributes needed to work in luxury retail- the three preferred qualities of someone temping in luxury retail are: exceptional personal presentation, confidence and of course, industry knowledge. Below is a short list of the benefits of temping and why it could be a perfect fit for you.

Skill Building

When you are in a temping job, your agency can send you to many different environments, where you will be exposed to a range of situations, clientele and responsibilities.

This is perfect for students and young professionals seeking to get a foot in the door of a competitive industry; temping can massively build your CV in a short space of time because of how intense and varied it is. Shop floor experience, for example, is essential for working in the fashion industry, and temping is a fantastic way to get there.

Elite Associates is known for offering a unique candidate experience; the Elite Retail Training Academy is our way of taking the extra step to ensure that our candidates are as prepared as they can be. By mastering the skills taught at the Retail Training Academy, retail professionals gain the respect and trust of consumers, transforming the itinerate customer into loyal brand enthusiasts.


Because temping can send you to different places, you will be able to meet an array of interesting, dedicated and experienced people in the industry. Use this opportunity to foster relationships because when your work stands out as impressive, these people will be eager to recommend you for other positions. In any industry, having a lengthy contact book will get you far.

Career Ladder & Consistency

The fact that temping is not permanent means that it is great for young people who are looking for a perspective and experience in an industry they would love to commit to. Established temporary support staff, who have proven to excel at their job, will even be able to negotiate permanent roles.

Temping is not for the lazy, however. To be blunt, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Consider this as motivation when choosing your schedule. Elite Associates works with clients with a very high standard that offer consistent and reliable timetables. Temping with the best brands in the world will therefore give you a steady influx of work that you would not necessarily get otherwise.


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