Yoga Everyday to Keep the Doctor Away


Yoga A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

To help our employees deal with work stress, we’ve decided that its time Elite Associates host weekly Yoga sessions. Held by our Human Resources Director, Michelle Billington, the weekly sessions will allow our staff time to escape from work-related stress.


With previous experience as a yoga instructor, life coach and personal trainer, its only right that Michelle Billington takes the lead in our new yoga sessions. The decision comes after years of scientific reviews suggesting that practising meditative exercises is a good way to deal with stress and anxiety.

After 15-years’ in coaching, she realised the correlation between a healthy mindset in the corporate setting and yoga. Upon talking to clients, she learnt that meditation was a tool that should be utilised within the professional environment. Yoga incorporates a variety of movement and breathing exercises, that allow participants to stop focusing on the problems and more on clearing their minds. She says, “Meditation is a fantastic way to approach your day. We don’t take care of our bodies anymore so it’s important that we realise ourselves and our health is our number one priority.”

Traditional yoga practices like Surya Namaskarhe’s ‘Salute the Sun’ with be included. Traditionally performed at sunrise, the ‘Salute the Sun’ allows the individual to greet the sun and the arrival of a new day with happiness. By being aware of rhythms from the natural world and practising as the sun rises, we tap into our own natural rhythms too. Not everyone can fit a full hours yoga session in their day (let alone sunrise), however making the time to decompress even for 10 minutes can do the world of good.

Billington recommends, “practice yoga in the morning because certain movements energise the body and allow you to truly wake up. At lunchtime, practice twists and lateral movements as they are the best way to release daytime stress and tension from your body.” For the evening she suggests, “it is important to focus on your breathing with slower movements and more floor based work. This relaxes you and allows for a smooth transition into sleep.”

To end with, here are five top tips to distress at your:
1. Breathing Exercises – the more oxygen you inhale, the clearer your head
2. Podcasts – shut down your inbox, switch off your monitor and tune in; Elite favourites include Jim ButlerMeditation Station Yoga with Adriene(note: not a podcast but great YouTube videos)
3. A hit of H2O – water is good for the body and great for the soul. Add some slices of lemon, cucumber and mint to not only add an extra element to your glass but it also gives you more time away from your desk with the prep
4. A healthy dose of carbs – a faux pas to some, but you can’t beat the nutritional benefits of rich, dense foods such as pure oatsquinoa, brown rice, etc.
5. Up and at ‘em – So this one goes against the headline but it’s important to move away from your desk altogether. Fresh air and long strides can do the world of good to mental well-being