Going through a career change is a daunting process, even more so when it takes place after a few decades in the same field. Yet the drastic shift in one’s life can be what is need to revitalise motivation and outlook. After asking our consultants, it was concluded that mid-career changes are not unheard of. For the fashion industry specifically, it is common for professionals to come from the hospitality sector, for they both require similar skills. Browse the list of curated advice should you feel a mid-life career transformation is for you.

Understand why you want to leave your current role

If there is a particular facet of your current position, rather than the industry, which is beginning to become tiresome or difficult to manage, it is recommended to avoid similar requirements in other roles. Question why you wish to leave your managerial responsibilities. Is it the stress? Or does the office environment no longer stimulate you?

If you desire a career change, but are unsure of which industry or position to pursue next, why not engage with online quizzes. These assess your preferences and traits to determine what career would suit your personality and/or skillset type. The 123 Career Test, for instance, is one of many free tests that you can take to kickstart your research.

Identify your current skills and consider which you need to learn

This is the time for a retrospective. Look back at all the knowledge and skills you have acquired over your years of experience. Which of your attributes will be the easiest to apply in the future? What skills are employers looking for? After a couple decades in the industry, you may be used to and wish to remain in a senior position. Our Senior Appointments division, for example, look for people with confidence. In picking out your key traits, your focus during your job search will be narrowed.

When it comes to skills you lack but are ready to learn, this is the moment to manage segments of your time to build your CV. Ask your colleagues for advice, attend classes and read more.

Rewrite your CV

Tailoring your new CV to fit this new chapter will allow you to articulate your experience and explain why you are ideal and ready for a new position. In your summary statement, make it clear that you have a desirable set of skills and background of experience.

Include only what is appropriate to the role. Be tactical when selecting relevant experience; if you are entering a new industry because of a career change, be transparent in how your background will help you achieve what the new position requires.


In the transitional time of a career change, it will be a gift to your overall success if you leverage any connections you have built over the span of your career. Approach people who recognise you as a strong professional with much to offer. Furthermore making new contacts will be important, especially if you are considering joining an industry you are not as familiar with.

Approach experts

Having a career change in your middle ages may feel like stepping into the unknown. Do not be afraid to ask for help, especially from recruiters and career coaches. These are individuals who are experts in the respective fields and will be able to analyse what you have to offer in order to match you with the perfect role.

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