The store approval process is an integral part of the temp staff hiring journey and it is essential that the candidate be prepared in order to impress to store’s hiring manager. Here are 3 tips on how to pass store approval and begin your career as a luxury sales associate.

Uniform Standards

One of the first things we will ask you before the store approval is to come dressed adhering to the store’s dress code. This is your opportunity to exude a stylish, confident and smart presentation of yourself.

Women’s Attire:

  • Black trouser or skirt suit
  • Black closed toe court shoes are a standard requirement
  • Minimal jewellery
  • Nails should be a natural colour and well-trimmed

Men’s Attire:

  • A solid black suit, with no print or check pattern
  • Black leather brogues or cap toed shoes
  • We discourage our male candidates from wearing any jewellery other than a wedding band
  • Clean shaven and trimmed nails

Knowing the store’s and brand’s history

Having a sales associate who is passionate about the culture behind fashion is obviously important for any luxury department store. Being able to talk about what you like about the store and your allocated brand will increase odds in a successful interview. An important facet about the luxury client experience is also being aware of the store’s target consumer; being able to discuss this will show hiring staff your savviness in customer service.

Be prepared to stand out in a group

Attending a store approval means that you will be one of many candidates attending the very same process and it is important to translate how your specific history in customer service means that you will be the best to work for that store and brand.

You will likely be assigned group exercise, in which you will have to display your confidence and professionalism. The way you interact with other people will be closely assessed; be sure to remain polite, assertive and engaged.


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