The fashion industry is becoming increasingly digital, which is amounting to a new range of job positions to support this. The competition is getting stronger, therefore brands have the opportunity to be selective when recruiting for their teams. Find out the 3 ways to successfully get the job:

Have an established social media presence

Our marketing and digital recruitment expert Sian explains that when recruiting, the company look for candidates with an established online and social media presence. They want to understand your tone of voice and if it would complement the brand’s aesthetic. Being active on social media can also help show the brand that you understand how to digitally engage with a mass audience. We suggest using Twitter and Instagram.

Have a Blog

Our marketing resourcers confirmed that successful candidates are more likely to have a blog than not. Curating a blog is a fantastic way to demonstrate your knowledge and interests to a brand you would like to work for. This is the easiest way for you to show how you write, how you take pictures and your overall creative point of view. Companies see it as a portfolio of your skills and any success you get from it will the icing on the cake.

What kind of blog should you have? Stay true to your passions but try to stand out; the blogger sphere can be oversaturated. If you want to produce ‘shop-the-look- inspiration, for example, try to put a spin on it so that you appear unique and creative.

Maxing the interview

During an interview, demonstrating your knowledge and interest in fashion can greatly improve your chances of getting the job. Furthermore to this, never underestimate the importance of image. Our consultants agree that refined personal presentation and articulation are desirable attributes for candidates in a luxury role.

If you are searching for digital and marketing roles in fashion, send your CV to and one of our consultants will be happy to help with any queries.

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