Letting other people know about your skills and personality is an important influencer in getting a job. Curating a personal brand can come in all shapes and forms- it is the general process of marketing yourself through attributes, experience and interests. Here are 5 straightforward ways in which you can increase control over your image-both professionally and personally.

Clean your social media

If you have had social media profiles for a long time, it is likely that you have changed the way you express yourself over the years. Your vernacular may be different and even your personal views may have drastically changed. Go through each profile and make sure that each published post is consistent with who you are now. If you notice an old post that you would not have written in your current state of mind, delete it.

If you are passionate about marketing yourself as a professional and composed individual, be thorough in what kind of pictures appear on your personal profiles. Do not allow a Saturday evening from three years prior hinder your chances in getting a job.

Use social media accordingly to your interests

Your public profiles should reflect who you are, what drives you and what you are invested in. If your career goal is to work in haute couture, let this show on your feed. Repost collections and give your opinions. Follow heritage brands and magazines that cover this world. If you use Instagram, consider having zoomed in couture details populate your photo feed in order to translate your interest in craftsmanship.

Be active on social media. Comment on current affairs and breaking stories within your industry to keep ahead of your peers.

Build a personal website

Having a platform on which you can express yourself to greater lengths than on social media is perfect if you are a vocal person. Do not clutter your profiles with long discourses on your industry- instead, curating a blog with small essays is an ideal alternative.

Build your website as an extension of your CV. Use it as a portfolio of sorts; the navigation should be easy and the layout uncomplicated. Be sure to include links to your social media so that all parts of your personal brand are connected.

Continue educating yourself

Your personal brand is only as good as you are. Improve yourself to improve how people perceive you. Attend talks, read articles, talk to professionals in your field or take courses. Expanding your skill set will make you more attractive to employers but avoid being a jack of all trades, master of none. Concentrate on a particular field and become fluent in as many facets of it as you can.


Spread the word about yourself as much as possible. Attend industry events, leverage university connections and socialise among work peers. Establish relationships with knowledgeable people who can teach you valuable information and mentor you through your career.

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