Elite Associates works very closely with the world’s most admired luxury brands and encourages a sales associate to deliver the best service possible. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 5 attributes that luxury brands look for in shop floor employees.

The work may be rigorous for a temporary sales associate but the benefits are high. Working on the shop floor for luxury brands can open a world of opportunities. From demonstrating pride in appearance to having a plethora of experience, be inspired by our list of the most desirable traits to become a sales associate.

Industry Knowledge

When you engage with high net worth customers that are used to luxury service, you need to demonstrate a passion for the pieces they invest in. Understanding and appreciating the quality of the fashion you sell is vital in connecting with the consumer. Carolina, a consultant on our Temporary Fashion Division, emphasises the importance of going ‘above and beyond to provide intellectual engagement’ with the customer. Knowing the way in which a handbag has been expertly crafted, for example, and being able to show this to a potential buyer can be enough to convince them to make the purchase.

Understanding the Luxury Experience

Similar to the previous point, being able to adopt a luxury customer experience is simply essential. Whilst this includes a detailed knowledge of the products and brands you are selling, it also addresses the nuances of consumer interaction and handling products. Elite Associates offers complementary retail training to its candidates so that they are capable of delivering such service.

Knowing another language

Nowadays, the primary luxury consumers are international, with many of them visiting from China, the Middle-East and Russia. Although many of them may be able to speak English, engaging with them in their native language will establish a stronger connection.


When hiring shop floor workers, luxury brands need to be confident that the candidate is aware of retail logistics and comfortable with customer engagement. It is noteworthy, however, that shop floor work is often an early step in a career; our consultants agree that having 2-5 years’ experience is enough. One does not necessarily have to have an extensive background in fashion retail; it is not uncommon for our candidates to come from other industries, such as hospitality.

Immaculate presentation

It’s of no surprise that luxury brands expect their employees to reflect the refined image they project. Grooming should be impeccable; neat hair, trimmed beards, tidy nails and a polished dress style must be taken into consideration during interview prep. Candidates should also be articulate, showcase a confident vocabulary and even know how to walk correctly when working shop floor.

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