Moving to a new country and stepping out of your comfort zone can open a world of opportunities and lessons. The exposure to different cultures, people and work environments can only do good to personal development. From gaining new life experiences to gaining an edge over future competition, here are 4 benefits to moving abroad.

Improve language skills

If English is your first language and you are considering moving to non-English speaking country, this is a perfect opportunity to brush up on your communication skills. The benefits to speaking another language are already great, and a move abroad is further motivation to add this skill to your roster.

Professional Value

The job market is a competitive one. Having international experience would enhance your professional value in the eyes of an employer over others applying for the same job. As well as a bulkier, more striking CV, your decision to have worked abroad implies confidence, flexibility and wisdom. Having a professional background in Paris or Milan, for example, would give you an edge in a career in fashion because not only do you have a book of local contacts, you are also more aware of how the city operates.

Expand Global Network

It is natural for when working in a new environment, regardless of the country, you gain new contacts. Having a foreign network, however, puts you at an advantage simply because you have a roster of another country’s knowledge that your competition does not.

Personal Growth

Working in a foreign country comes with a plethora of new life experiences and exposes you to a different lifestyle. Having access to activities, languages and work practises that you wouldn’t normally have can teach you much about the world. Even the act of moving from one place to another is a huge confidence booster.

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