Are you looking to speak another language? When advertising jobs, employers are searching more and more for individuals with linguistic skills. The increasing globality of business, especially in the fashion and luxury sector, has paved the way for international opportunities and this is proving to be ideal for those who can speak two languages or more.

Client Experience

According to Anglia Ruskin University, 61% of the UK’s population is unable to speak another language; speaking more than one will therefore make you stand out. This is particularly important for those wishing to work in the retail sector. Clientele from oversees, looking to spend a lot of money, will appreciate the familiarity of a sales assistant who can speak their language. Their concerns and desires will be better articulated, leading to a more positive client experience and a willingness to return and engage with the person who served them.

Similarly, if your brand is looking to expand overseas, multilingual employees will be in a better position to be relocated and even promoted. For business trips abroad, you will be likely considered to join because of your language capabilities. Easier engagement with locals will make your trip smoother and co-workers will look to you as an asset for future overseas trips.

Networking and Relationships

If you are naturally bilingual, you will typically have access to a different culture. Having knowledge of foreign films, music and literature will give you a broader conversation palette, which is especially useful when fostering relationships with international partners or clients.

Valuable Traits

If you have learnt a new language through other means, be it through school/university, self-teaching or living abroad, employers will regard this as a sign of motivation, perseverance and intelligence. When this is the case, be sure to emphasise these qualities in your CV and in interviews.

In general, a more valued employee will be given a higher salary. It is not unreasonable, therefore, that a multilingual individual would be paid more than their monolingual colleagues. In fashion, the most in demand languages are arguably Arabic, Mandarin and Russian, whilst French and Italian are additional valuable languages for business conducted in Europe.

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