Artist Digest: Luzinterruptus



In the spirit of our Green Edition, it is only right that the theme extends to our choice of creative for the Artist Digest in some way. There can often be some confusion surrounding which genre to categorise artists under; even in researching ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ artists, there are many sub-groups and distinctions that can prove too much for the untrained critic.


The Artist Digest, or more accurately artists, that we have chosen to highlight this issue are Luzinterrputus – an anonymous collective in Spain that definitely lives up to some of the eco-art philosophies. The Spanish natives are here to reclaim spaces, inform audiences on social commentary and expose environmental issues too. Their installations have popped up around the world, and more recently they have been involved in an exhibition that uses natural materials.

Since 2008, Luzinterrputus have continuously recycled materials to create installations and ‘urban interventions’. With inspiration drawing attention from abandoned places in various cities across the globe, Luzinterrputus’ art aesthetically explores beauty in a guerrilla-esque and graffiti artist-style way.

Not only that, but they use light to showcase modernity. Luzinterrputus most recent piece, ‘Labyrinth of Plastic’, as seen on display in Madrid since July was set in the Plaza Mayor. Created using bottles that have been collected from the square, Luzinterrputus spoke about the project: “The idea was to graphically visualise the amount of plastic we waste in our daily lives. As a consequence, all this plastic is dumped in nature and ends up floating in the ocean; forming huge plastic islands that are destroying the marine’s ecosystem.

In the spirit of our Green Edition, Luzinterrputus embody ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ artists paving the naturalistic lifestyle the most and that is why we chose to shine a light on their fantastic addition to the art world. As the term ‘natural’ has always been a source of inspiration, Luzinterrputus remain at the forefront of artists pushing its wave.

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