We are proud to say that our Executive Search division is made up of a team of industry experts that understand the calibre required of high-ranking positions. Because of their ability to foster respected relationships with prestigious brands, our consultants and resourcers are privy to the nuances of a great leader. If you are eyeing up a job at the top of the ladder, here are 3 ways in which you can prove you are the right person:

Knowing the Industry

Most of the candidates our consultants screen for Executive roles have been in their respective industries for over 10 years. Some have even had over 20 years’ experience. These candidates have a curated expertise on the world in which they operate and it is empirical that this knowledge is articulated in any CV, cover letter and interview you do.  A proven track record and readiness to be operational will score highly during assessment.

Knowing the Company

When vetting Executive candidates, our consultants expect the vacancy to be filled by someone who understands the requirements that the certain company needs from them. The ability to adapt to the brand’s ethos, knowing its history and recognising how it differs from its competitors, are all useful attributes to demonstrate during an interview with our consultants. This is particularly beneficial for roles in heritage brands; the DNA of the establishment will be one to constantly respect and adhere to


The majority of our consultants ranked confidence as a top attribute for an Executive candidate. Oftentimes, in a leadership role, demeanour makes a strong case. Confidence and humility in an interview will give the consultant a taste of how the candidate will approach employees and challenging tasks. Leaders should be inspirational, not only through their achievements, but in their charisma and ability to tackle responsibilities other people could not do.

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